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Years ago, Sheena Hennig thought she had it all. Growing up in a small town 30 miles south of Atlanta in the early-to-mid 1990s, diloted pain medication diloted pain medication Hennig said her father, a general surgeon, and .


I was prescribed percocets (5/325) about 1 1/2 years ago for chronic back pain (scoliosis mainly). I took them as prescribed for a while and then started increasing the dosage .

Its a pain killer. The hospitals give them to cancer patients or ill people. That's not so true. I was on diloted when I had my scoliosis surgery.

I have a problem that came after I had my gallbladder removed with laser I had cramping pain in right side after gallbladder removal and I have never experience it before My .

like cocaine, mdma, ketamine.. what other drugs do people sniff. and what are the most popular ones.. i dont do drugs, this is for a youth project on drug awareness..

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three weeks ago, I noticed that I was getting small, pink, itchy bumps on my legs. Since then they have spread my arms and have began spreading to my stomach. A.

No,they are both hydrocodone. Well since i have two bottles of both right here and discussed them thoroughly with my Orthopedic physician and my diloted pain medication pharmacist Norco is a few grams .

I have an L5-SI protruding annulus - with sciatic nerve damage on the left side (numbness in left leg). I am being seen at a pain management center and am in the middle of .

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